Retailers love electronic invoices. They save time and money, and they help reduce data mistakes.

If faced with a choice, retailers will choose the supplier offering electronic invoices over the supplier of similar product who does not offer electronic invoices.

Australian POS software company Tower Systems has created easyEDI, an approved app for the Xero accounting software, which creates electronic invoices for retailers and facilitates emailing them to retailers.

easyEDI will create either a CSV file or a DD2 file, commonly used by newsagencies and card and gift stores. You can also link it with the popular Unleashed inventory management system we know plenty of suppliers use or supply your own product list so your files are even more useful by containing barcodes and/or RRP prices.

easyEDI costs $55 a month, which includes 500 invoices sent per month for no additional cost. Each invoice beyond 500 costs 12 cents.

There is no lock-in contract, you can cancel at any time.

Setup is easy for the supplier. easyEDI is a Xero approved integrated app.

Suppliers ready to sign up should go to

Having been approved by Xero as an integrated app for their accounting software, easyEDI by Tower Systems is easy and safe for trade wholesalers to access for creating electronic invoices.

While electronic invoices have been around for decades, many suppliers are yet to embrace the opportunity for their retail business customers. This easyEDI innovation specifically helps smaller wholesalers to be more of service to their retail business customers. It makes them more appealing to these customers.

If you use Xero in your wholesale business, easyEDI is easy to setup and use. You can be sending your first invoice in minutes. Retailers will thank you for this.

Tower Systems first engaged in EDI (electronic data interchange) invoice creation by developing standards that were adopted for the Australian newsagency channel more than thirty years ago. Those standards formed the basis of file formats in use ion that channel today.

Tower Systems currently serves 3,000+ local independent retailers in Australia and New Zealand across 16 different retail channels.

Making software that helps local small business retailers run more efficient is core to the purpose of Tower Systems. We believe in local small business retail and honour its service of local communities. All of our customers are local small business retailers, independent retailers.


Choose the monthly plan that's right for you


easyEDI Standard Plan Price includes 500 invoices per month 500 above invoices $0.12 per invoice

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